For so much of my life I was afraid to make mistakes.

Afraid to look dumb.

Afraid to not know the right answer.

But since becoming an entrepreneur I realized that I just have to put myself out there. And when I make mistakes, I make sure I learn from them. It’s a tough lesson for the lifelong perfectionist. It gets easier as I go because I put myself out there which gives me more opportunities. So it’s basically a numbers game.

For years I was trying to give 100%. I would work, learn, try, analyze, yada-yada, until I finally put it away because it “wasn’t good enough”. I would guess, looking back, that I threw away about 95% of my great ideas and work only putting out there about 5%. The 5% was my best work, but even after feeling successful I found flaws and ways to improve it.

As time went by and I saw how others were just pumping out content and products and ideas I realized that I had just as many, if not more great ideas. But I didn’t put them out there. I was too worried about getting it just right.

Putting yourself out there is HARD.

Allowing others to see your work is SCARY.

Getting out of your comfort zone is UNCOMFORTABLE.

But it gets easier. And it builds Strength. And Confidence. And Grace. Back to the numbers game, I learned to play the odds with my offerings. I get an idea, I create something, I offer it and it is a big hit! Or it is a big flop. But it is out there. Then I get another idea. And I create another something. And I offer it. Over and over again. Increasing my odds of success by a whole lot.

This also increases my odds of a flop. But creating flops is part of creating success. From the flops I find more details I need to focus on. I learn where more problems tend to linger. I gain more confidence. I gain a broader perspective. Another big “AHA” I found is to surround myself with others who seem to be fearless. They probably are not fearless, just full of passion and Ideas. They may see me as fearless, also. We are each others catalyst.

Stop being afraid. That is my point here. No. Stop letting fear win. Use the fear to push you through and get you to that scary place. Once you are there, the fear is conquered. And you gain even more strength.

My silly secret to just doing it when I am struggling with the fear of making a mistake—-I just look ahead to the future as if I am on TV with a famous talk show host and we are looking back at my blooper reel. You don’t get on that show until you make it. And EVERYONE who makes it has a blooper reel.

Missy Martin​