You-Driven Brand Course

In this course, you will develop your mission and brand. One that is true to you and your business.

The end result is adoring fans and followers that become buyers and referral partners. Your customers will be so delighted by everything you do, say, and sell. This is what a great brand does.

Finally, an exquisite brand that you will be proud to show off, without having to sell your firstborn and soul for!

Are You….

a fast-paced, no-nonsense, go-getter struggling to make the money you should be making?

Is everyone else…

leveling up, growing their business and making more money?

It’s time for you to hit those BIG WINS!

Stand Out In Your Industry!

Together, we will tap into your best skills, strengths, and gifts to create and grow your success.

I help frustrated business owners make an impact in their industry, increase revenue and find lots of eager-to-buy clients.

I want to help you tap into your strengths so you can confidently and consistently Level Up!

Hi, I’m Missy!


I’m a serial marketing and business course student who geeks out about innovation, branding and customer service. I pride myself in taking the overly complicated and making it simple and visual.

I’m known for being innovative, motivational and supportive to business owners who feel overwhelmed, confused or lost. I’ve helped ex-CEOs simplify their convoluted business plans, and newbies get clear on what steps and when to take them as they start their new business.

More than anything, clients say I help them find a clear view of their goals for their business making it less stressful and reduce time spent going the wrong direction.

And You-Driven Brand will give you the Brand Authority your business deserves!

Just Imagine….

  • Your customers receive top quality products from you.
  • Client are lining up to buy.
  • More free time to improve your service/product.
  • Goals met and exceeded in sales, feedback and growth.
  • Being the business professional others look up to and strive to be more like.

But you can’t be the best in your industry continuing doing what you are currently doing.

>>> You’ve got to

take the next step.<<<



You-Driven Brand Course.

An online course to create your marketing personality, brand identity, and customer care consistency for you to stand out in your industry as the best!

Starting on Day 1 of the course you’ll learn the importance of your business branding, consistency, and mission.

After taking this course you will have a clear mission, brand, and strategy for your business and products.

Missy Martin, Creator of the You-Driven Brand  Course

Module 1

The Big Picture.

Deep exploration and introspection into your dreams, mission and vision for what you want from and for your business.

Module 2

The Right Products.

Create levels of products that guide your customers to buy, then buy some more.

Module 3

The Perfect Customers.

Explore what who your customer is and what they want. Discover what is missing in your industry and how to fill that need.

Module 4

The Most Money.

Profitability & Scalability in terms you understand. Understanding how you, your client and your business use money. Passive income opportunities.

Module 5

The Best Way.

All the “How?”‘s will be answered about product delivery, package, communication, marketing, and more.

Mondule 6

The Branded Business.

Your audience will be clear about your expertise, your products, and your mission. Your Business Brand will be crystal clear. It all comes together so neat and tidy package I call the Business Brand Portfolio.

This All Sounds Great But…

Do I really need this course? I already have a brand.

Yes!  Unless you have a full Brand Portfolio, Mission Statement, Values Statement, Customer description, and research….all in one convenient portfolio.

How long will the course take to complete?

You will get access to all the modules immediately and you can work through them as fast as you like. Or you can go through one module a week and spend around six weeks to complete the course.

How long will I have access to this course?

You have lifetime access to this course. You can go through the course as often as you like and update your brand whenever you choose.

What do I do if I have questions about the course?i

Coach Missy is available in the Private You-Driven Brand Facebook group to answer any questions you have. Just “Tag the coach” in the group and you can get feedback or ask questions.

Why did you create this course?

I created this course because I hired a website designer for my first business and spent lots of money and time and didn’t feel like my website represented me or my business authentically. It was a beautiful site, but it just didn’t fit my brand. But I didn’t know what my brand was or how to explain it. My designer struggled as much as I did. I spent years researching and creating my brand and a way for my clients to find and create their brand. Result: You-Driven Brand.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for the DIYer who builds their own website.


The delegating business owner who hires a professional designer for their images, print work, and web presence.  

Either way, having a complete You-Driven Brand Portfolio will save you time and money.

Why should I get this program now?

Now is a great time because the price is the lowest it will ever be. Plus, you get lifetime access!

How will this course help me grow my business? And make more money??

It is simple; people buy from people they feel connected to, trust and like. Putting YOU in your brand-and every part of your business-1. Gives you authority. 2. Creates a professional feel. and 3. Connects the right customers with you. 

Are you ready?

Get Lifetime Access for only $497

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