This may be one of the most important lessons I will teach you. What is the end result you are looking for? If you ask yourself this simple question with every action or decision you make, you will save yourself miles of detours and missed opportunities.

For this course, we will be focusing on your 12-week goals. So grab those babies and let’s look all the way ahead to the End.

I like to ask myself, “What is the big picture to this goal?”

For example, I wrote a short eBook called “4 Hours a Month to Massive Business Growth.” The big picture was establishing myself as an authority in my industry. I also intended the eBook to be a stepping-stone to add to my Mastermind Group.

Throughout the writing of the book, I kept my eye on the big picture and the end I was looking for from the book. I could have just written the eBook with one purpose, but having a big picture idea makes it part of my long-term goals.

If you haven’t done the Vision + Values + Goals worksheet, do that before this exercise.

End In Mind
Using your Vision from the previous exercise with your 12-week goal, create your Big Picture for your goal.

• Break down your 12-week goal into chunks. What are the main points or tasks?

• Next, breakdown those main tasks and points into sub-tasks/points.

• Now walk through all the tasks from smallest to biggest to make sure they all lead to the end you have in mind.

I like to compare this to planning a cross-country road trip. What is your desired Ending?

I wanted to drive from Missouri to San Diego following Route 66. My goal was to enjoy fun destinations along the way, not drive more than six hours a day and to keep each day’s activities to under $100 for the whole family (pretty specific, huh?)

When I added stops to the trip plan, I reviewed them to see if they met my criteria. One of the stops along the way was Las Vegas. I found several cool activities for the family to do, but they were all outside of our daily budget. I almost added one to my trip plan, but then I decided to get creative. I Googled “Free family activities in Las Vegas” and found lots of fun things to do for Free!

It is just as easy to stay on track as it is to deal with going off track on your path to your goals. So stick to your Vision and Values and Make your Goals successful!

How does your 12-week goal fit into your 3-5 year goals?
How does your 12-week goal fit into your lifetime goal?

Remember, your 12-week goal doesn’t have to be huge or life changing. Consistency is the key to growth; steady small steps will always beat the sporadic leaps and setbacks.