The steps are the same whether it is your first time or 100th time.

My kids and I went to the trampoline gym last weekend. “Yes, I will be jumping”, I reply to the teen tending the cash register. I put my purse and shoes in the locker along with my kids shoes. I listened to the safety briefing and stepped out onto the trampolines.

I saw a few kids doing backflips making it look really easy. I saw them jump, flip, and land on their feet. I asked, “What’s the trick to doing a backflip?” Kid replied, “Just jump up, look up, and pull your knees in and over you will go.” Ok then. So, I thought about it for about 20 jumps.

Then I realized that those same steps are what I will follow on my 10th flip and 100th flip, so I might as well follow them on my first flip.

Bounce, bounce, then I jumped, looked up between my raised hands, pulled my knees in, then flipped right on over. I landed on my feet, then dropped to my knees.

I flipped! Easy as 1,2,3. Just like the kid told me.

Guess how I flipped the second time?

Same simple steps.

The next time I landed straight up on my feet. I was a pro!

I can’t tell you how many more times I flipped, it doesn’t really matter.

I know now to just follow the steps. They are the same steps your first time or 100th time. The only difference is a little more experience. That is all.

The steps are the same whether it is your first time or 100th time