Flying on a trapeze gave me the Presence and Confidence to overcome obstacles in my business growth. Watch the video of me flying on the trapeze.

I spent over a year excitedly waiting to attempt the flying trapeze.

This may seem like a strange thing to spend an entire year waiting to try, but here I am, with both hands stretched out grasping a bar forty-some feet in the air awaiting my signal to jump.

Several years ago, I was invited to a mastermind event to be held at Club Med in Florida. I reserved my spot and discovered that Club Med offered Trapeze Lessons to their guests. Heck Yeah! I was totally going to do that!

My goal was to fly through the air on a flying trapeze. For no purpose other than to experience it and have bragging rights about something few people ever do.

After a one minute lesson on how to hold the bar and hop off the plank followed by a quick try at getting my legs over the bar, I was in line to give it a try.

It looked like a hundred little rungs to climb.

Higher and higher, and with as much caution and courage as I could muster, I climbed up to Russell, patiently waiting on the hanging plank. This was the scariest thing I have ever done. Next, Russell told me to step over with my right foot. Basically, I was to hold on the skinny ladder with both hands, reach my right foot across empty space high up in the air only to plant my foot on a small plank hanging up above the crowd with the net and the very distant ground taunting me below.

>>>>>Click here to watch the video on Youtube.

Stepping across was the second scariest thing I have ever done.

With Russell’s assistance, I was able to step all the way over so we could share the limited space on the hanging plank. My heart was pumping fast, my breaths were slow as I held the on tight, my whole body trembling.

He latched the D-ring to my harness and held me as I side-stepped to the center of the plank. Holding on to the security of the bar attached to the plank, I am told to reach out for the bar that was dangling a mile away. “Lean your hips out and reach forward,” he told me. It felt primal. I trusted Russell and I did what he said. I had to trust him. Honestly, I don’t think I could have thought for myself anyway.

The bar swung toward my outreached hand and I grabbed it. I held it and awaited my next order. Next, I was to let go with my left hand and reach out leaning forward 40+Feet in the air. Both hands gripped, leaning forward over a big net and stretched out like gravity doesn’t exist. My body was at an unrecoverable angle forward; hands on the trapeze bar, feet on the tiny plank, body secured by my trusted friend Russell.

The commands were “Ready” and “Hep” which prompted me to bend my knees and lengthen my arms then leap forward.

      Thank goodness my body listened because my mind was numb when I hear the commands

Can you believe I was flying through the air hanging by my hands? The spotter yells, “legs up” and my legs came up and hooked over the bar. Yes! I got it. Then he yells, “drop arms” and my arms leave the security of the bar as I swing through the air hanging by my knees. I continue to follow the commands to put my hands back on the bar and release my legs down then finally release the bar, grab my knees and flip into the safety net. I did it!

Yes, I am telling this story to brag about my accomplishment….I am very proud and excited to share it with anyone and everyone. (Quick apology to all my friends that keep hearing about it over and over.) But I also want to share with you what I learned from this experience.

​Two words: Trust and Presence.

I would never try this if I didn’t trust the crew that was training me. No, I didn’t do a thorough background check on each member of the team, I just talked with them and quickly built the relationship needed between us. I only needed to trust that they would keep me safe and teach me what I needed to know. Trust is key to any relationship. But it is also different with each relationship. So for me to trust the trapeze team I needed to feel like they were likable and feel that they were qualified for the job.

Presence is one of those places/feelings that is hard to really get into for many people.

I struggle with it because I am a planner which means instead of enjoying the right here right now; I am thinking about the next thing and how to be prepared. But on the day I learned the trapeze I had to be present in each moment or I would not have been able to do it. Trusting the trapeze team was a must.  So I didn’t need to plan and prepare more than the next step up the ladder and the next command to follow. If I would have been thinking about how to get out of the safety net after my flight, I would not have been in the moment where I need to be. When you are in that moment, your mind is clear of clutter and focused on the now. You get to feel the feelings. There are no outside obstacles or worries, just you and the moment.

​No matter what challenge I am faced with…

I know I can use this lesson about Trust and Patience. Whether I am negotiating a big purchase, launching a new product, or trying a new fitness training plan, I must find the trust and feel the presence.

What happens when you have both Trust and Patience? You have confidence. ​If there are things in your life where you don’t feel as confident as you would like, explore where your trust may be lacking. Stop and get present by quickly reviewing the past and assessing the future to determine where you are right now. Almost every client I coach has a difficult time with this. Because it is so important and so many people struggle with it, trust and presence are in all parts of my programs.

Working with me you will learn to face obstacles with clarity and confidence. You learn to turn your Plateaus into Launchpads. Best of all, the lessons in my Business Success Academy can be used in your personal life, your home life, and your work life.
There is no trapeze class in The Business Success Academy, but you can overcome obstacles​ and live the life you dream about. (click here to learn more about the Business Success Academy)

My dream was to fly on the trapeze, so I did it. What is your dream? Share it with me on my Facebook Page!!