What I Do

I want to help you beat the odds. I’m Success Coach Missy Martin and I sell business confidence.

My Philosophy

I believe that power is in continual improvement through learning and teaching. By mentoring and coaching other business owners, I learn valuable lessons that I may have missed completely or learned too late.

Everyone has skills and knowledge that they take for granted because once you learn something, it is hard to remember not knowing it. Yet, that knowledge you take for granted is the golden nugget missing from someone else’s success.

I bring people together so they can share their gifts with one another and grow their dreams and goals into realities.

My Methods

I believe every business is just as unique as the person who owns it. My favorite skill is to see the big picture, find your hidden gifts, and draw out your brand personality. 

Your business strategy must align with your vision for your company and your personal values. I have exercises that I’ve used successfully with my coaching clients that help you get your business on the path to success and hitting target after target.

My Goals

My goal is for you to simplify your systems and grow your revenue the way that fits you and your lifestyle. I don’t push my way or some guru’s way to run a business. Just because it works for someone else in your industry doesn’t mean it is the right strategy for you and your business.

You should be proud and excited about every aspect of your business. Making money, selling your products, and being sought after in your industry shouldn’t exhaust and overwhelm you. It should feel freeing and energizing. 

Business Success Academy

I share with you the shortcuts, secrets, and steps that I've curated from my own experiences and training.

If you are a DIYer and an action taker, online courses are the ideal learning platform for you. Choose the course(s) that will get you the solution you want. Go at your own pace and spend as much or as little time on each lesson. 


Bi-monthly Workshops

We are putting the "WORK" back into Workshop! Each session you bring your laptop and you work step-by-step on the training for that session. We have a community on Facebook where you can ask questions, get feedback, and show off your work! Learning how to do things is great, but implementation is where the gold is. And just doing a few things each day makes a BIG impact on your business.

90-day winning business accelerator

Push your business to new heights.  90-day mastermind meets think tank.  Business owners will set and implement the 90-day strategy that will lead to accelerated business growth in 2020.  Win cash prizes.  Accountability and guidance.

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