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Did you know that one in five small business fails in their first year?
And 50% fail in their first five years?


I want to help you beat the odds.
I’m Missy Martin and I sell Business Confidence.

The difference between a successful business and a struggling business is one thing. Confidence. Confidence in yourself and confidence in your product and service.

I work with you to evaluate and create your business strategy, remove the things that aren’t working, and help you confidently take the right actions year after year.

I became a Success Coach because in my first year of business I spent as much time helping other business owners overcome struggles with their confidence and overwhelm as I did running my own business. I learned right away that there is no book or course on how to build a business that works for everybody.

I also learned that everyone has far more gifts and strengths than they realize and yet, they are not taking advantage of them! My superpower –dare I call it that– is seeing your strengths and drawing out the skills and expertise you don’t realize is gold. Then I show you how to use those gifts –that magic– to build the business you were born to build.


% of businesses that fail in their first year


% of businesses that fail in their first 5 years

# of income streams most millionaires have

I spent nearly twenty years serving in the military before I started my first business. Most think that I gained the discipline it takes to run my own business from my military training. But I’ll be honest with you. The biggest takeaways I took from the service that helps me run a business are 1. The ability to get really uncomfortable, and 2. The ability to understand people and what motivates them.

I have spent the last 8 years coaching small business owners through my online courses, group coaching events, and mastermind sessions. Along the way, I coined the title, “Success Coach” for myself, because it describes exactly what I do and the style in which I approach my clients.

Much like an athletic coach helps athletes find their inner strength to achieve physical goals, I help my clients find their inner blocks so they can be acknowledged and embraced to create the success they desire.

Through my Online Courses, I can help you discover and overcome what is holding you back from financial success, learn how to stop giving your power away with your money, and create strategies and systems that will keep you hitting your goals and leveling up in your business.

In case you’re here to find out more about my non-coaching life…

I’m from Ocala, Florida, now living in Ozark, Missouri. I’m a proud veteran, ambitious business owner, and mom with a special knack for motivating others. I have a certification in Nutrition from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a degree in Business from the University of Phoenix. I proudly served in the Army, Air Force, and Missouri National Guard and have nearly two decades of military experience.

I love starting new projects, continual learning, and helping people have breakthroughs. I love my large family, coffee shops, and networking groups.

Life is good and a bit crazy. I like it that way.


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Email Address: Missy at MissyMartin.net

Phone: 417-893-0501

Business Hours: Varies, I love my freedom!

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