Today I am listening to my audiobook “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. This is my go-to trick for getting past my resistance. If you’re not familiar with the book or concept of resistance, simply put, resistance is the little voice that convinces you that you aren’t good enough and throws any and every obstacle there is in your path. That is where I am—downstream of resistance getting a full on blast of procrastination, insecurity, and doubt.

I know I can get past this. I won’t let fear hold me back. I will fake the stuff that isn’t as planned and kick ass at the stuff that I kick ass at. I will not get all caught up in every little imperfection or everything that isn’t in full alignment. Who am I fooling anyway? I love feeling more aligned than ever, but fully aligned cannot be permanent. It is all about learning, and growing, and adjusting. THAT is what alignment is!

So, let’s do this! It is my year! And according to hundreds of posts from friends, colleagues, and mentors on social media, it is their year too! That means the Momentum is Here! Right Now! Ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs and leaders and warriors surround me! We all have a dream. We all have a fight. We will be each other’s support and motivation and lessons and wake up calls. What do you need from me? What can I learn from you?

We live in the most amazing time in our history where information is easy and fast while personal connections, feeling strong, and giving and receiving support is praised!

We Can Feel Good!   We Can Live Well!


We can share and not lose anything. In fact, the more each of us shares the more we receive!

I teach it and preach it--marry your passion with your skills and you will live the life of your dreams! Yes, your dream will change as you grow. Yes, your skills will grow too. Imagine getting so excited about your work that you don’t care if you make money or just share your gifts! That is what I teach my clients. That is what makes pushing through resistance easier. Loving the path you are on and using what you do best to make your dream a reality, your goals into successes and your life feel full and prosperous.

Yes, I get down on myself and wonder how I can make my dream life become reality. Just like you. And just like you, I float right through my successes afraid to brag or show too much excitement, unwilling to just soak in the pride and thankfulness. Let’s celebrate each and every success and learn from each and every setback! The most successful people in the world meet regularly with other successful people. Great minds think alike, so let’s get our great minds together.

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