Priority vs. Important


This is so simple yet so many people will mix these two definitions up. I will give it to you as simply as I can say it; Priorities are Yours and Important things are Theirs. I’ll explain.


Priorities are the things you must do to move forward toward your goal.


Things that are priorities are:


  • Business or Personal appointments with you
  • Selling your products/services
  • Serving your customers/Caring for loved ones


Important things are other people’s priorities. Here are some examples:


  • Responding to their email
  • Forwarding information or data
  • Interrupting your schedule for a “quick call”


Ask yourself if the important task you need to do is getting You closer to your goal, or someone else closer to their goal.


I am not saying to be selfish and avoid those important tasks that are someone else’s priority. What I am explaining is that you must do your own priorities before you do other people’s priorities.