You are sitting with a group of people waiting to hear a presenter share information about her business. You adjust your seat to get comfortable, you make sure your phone is silenced and you prepare to take some notes and get focused on the presentation. ………Then she starts talking.

She explains the history of her company. She describes how she got into the company. She lists her credentials and accomplishments with the company, then she goes into the struggles she has with in her business. You try to stay focused, but your mind wanders and you get fidgety in your chair. You are getting bored and wonder how much longer she will be talking. You hope she gets more interesting because you were really looking forward to hearing from her.

She starts in with a list of all the reasons she thinks her products is so great and how it might help you. A few of the things she says you can relate to, but you feel like you are barely hanging on at this point. Is this a familiar story? It may be just me, I have a short attention span, and my mind always wanders when I am stuck somewhere.

It is so tough when it is a friend or colleague that you really want to support totally bombs their presentation. You aren’t even sure what they did wrong, or if they did anything wrong, you just tell her, “great presentation” and pat her on her back and hope you look sincere.

Nobody wants to bore their audience when they speak. Especially when you are speaking about your business. Most people are quite passionate about their services and products, so they are eager the share all the wonderfulness with anyone who will listen. But they get a day and time to speak to an interested crowd, and they choke.

Imagine speaking to a group and you look around and all eyes are focused on you, all ears hang on your every word. And after you close, there is a line of people wanting to hear more about your business! That is the goal when you present, right? So how is it that some people are able to engage their audience so well while others seem to bore the heck out of everyone?

I want to share with you the secret to delivering a great presentation. I have studied many great speakers, including coaches to speakers. And as an active networker I have listened to hundreds of presentations; some of which I enjoyed and was eager to hear more, but most were boring and difficult to sit through. I would love to share some of my best tips so you can wow your audience at your next opportunity to speak.

1. Tell a story. Many people get caught up in sharing facts and data rather than something their audience can relate to. Everyone loves a good story, so be sure you have a great one that leads into the main points you want to present.

2. Create an outline. Your presentation should have a beginning, middle and an end planned out. This should help keep you on track in case you lose your place or get off track.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice. You have an audience that is eager to hear you speak, make sure you are familiar with your information enough to speak about it without reading notes. Notes are for bullet statements and key points only.

4. Call to action. We hear this term a lot in business and it just means you need to give your audience an opportunity to take action. Be specific with this. If you are speaking about a new product you offer, give your audience a way to experience it.

From the great presenter, Simon Sinek, I share with you his top 9 presentation tips and a link to his amazing TedX talk here.

Simon’ s Presentation tips for a group where you are known:
  • Be Yourself
  • Be a giver not a taker
  • Pause, look around the room then start
  • If you lose your place, just pause
  • Fear and excitement are the same, so be excited instead of afraid
  • Slow down, pauses are ok
  • Accept the applause by thanking the crowd and look at them in the eye
  • You don’t have to know all the answers to the Q&A
  • Notes should be bullets to reference, they should not be read

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