Do you use “To Do” lists? I do. I have lists everywhere. I use Evernote, paper, and pen, I even have an excel spreadsheet to manage my “To Do’s”.

It gets a little overwhelming when you have lists and lists of things to do. I try to keep things pretty organized, but what I find most helpful is to break my lists into groups.

I have a list for my home, family, and kids. This one is filled with things like my grocery list, things to sort, things to check on for the house, upcoming events needs.

I also have a list for business stuff. I list out the things I need to do on my website, on social media, my training, my contacts and client communication, upcoming events, and things like that.

Sometimes I just avoid the lists and just try to get things done that I KNOW need to get done. But, it never fails, on one of those lists is something I should have done, but didn’t.

But there are some things I do that don’t need a list. These are things that have turned into a routine. That is the key to getting those important recurring things done!

I created a quick little productivity plan infographic to help you turn your To Do list into Routine. 10 daily small and easy steps. Want to try it? Here is what you do, just click here to get the download, and that’s it!

Do you have any tips for getting To Do lists under control? I’d love to hear them. Comment below or post on my Facebook Page here.