So here I am, writing a post as a self proclaimed Success Coach. How did I get here and why do I claim this title? I think this first post will be my introduction and a short version of my journey to here.

I’m Missy Martin. As long as I can remember, I have been one of those fixers. You know, the people who seem to fix other people and add ideas, and bring a new view on things? Yeah, that’s me. It may be hard for some to believe, but I was shy for the first half of my life. I only gave advice and added my two cents after I got comfortable with people. But now, I am more outgoing and more confident and my skills for giving advice have really grown.

A few years ago I started my own business in fitness and joined a local networking group. I was terrified to say my elevator speech. I had no idea about marketing or networking or closing a sale. What I did know was how to motivate people to meet their goals. I think my success with my clients, friends, and family was because I am really good and simplifying tasks and information. I have an eye and an ear for the real reason people aren’t meeting their goals. I used this intuition to my client’s advantage and created a simple and easy way for them to meet their goals.

Here is where my story changes, but I didn’t see it at the time. I was meeting with people several times a week, networking, getting to know them, and their business. In almost every meeting the other person would tell me what they really love and are passionate about. Most of the time, it was their business. (Entrepreneurs are very passionate.) But sometimes it was something else. Either way, I LOVED when they seemed to get lost in their stories and explanation of what they love. I mean I REALLY LOVED it. My excitement and that “fixer skill” would kick in and I would give bits of advice or different avenues to try to meet their goals and create more of what they are passionate about.

My coaching skills got better with each client, class and training. But I began to lose my passion for my work. I love helping people, inspiring people and seeing goals and dreams come true. But, I was not loving teaching about exercise and nutrition. These are important to me and I know a lot about them, but they are not what I am passionate about. What I am passionate about is Passion.

Passion: a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything. When you are passionate about something you lose track of time, nothing seems to get in your way, and you may not be able to contain your joy and happiness. THIS. This feeling is what I am passionate about.

Looking back over my life, it has always been there. Scenes in movies that I love, conversations with people, speeches and workshops that got me pumped up…all spoken with deep and true passion. I would proudly support someone and their passion even if I was not in agreement with their passion. (there are exceptions, of course.) My ex-husband really loves to hunt. I could really care less about it, but when he told his stories, or prepared for a trip, or planned out a season, he had that passion. So I supported him. His passion carried over to me, but the subject did not.

About a month ago I was doing some soul searching. I was getting real with myself and digging deep for what my dreams are. I wrote out a perfect day scenario of helping a client achieve her goals while living the life I want. I have done this exercise several times over the years, but this last time I read my “dream day” scenario over and over again until it hit me. My “dream day” scenarios were always about Why my clients wanted to reach their goal, and not about about their health, their weight, their diet, their exercise…Just what their “Why” was. My dream client is full of passion to create a dream life. Many connect that with a smaller waist, lower blood sugar results, or a particular size clothes.

In fact, many times I felt like I failed my clients because they didn’t reach the goals they told me like weighing a certain amount or cutting out all sugar and alcohol. But they felt better. They lived happier. When asked about my coaching they would say things like, “She’s inspiring,” “She makes things simple,” “She knew how to meet me where I am to get me where I needed to go,” “She always has an idea that will make it better and easier.”

I am not a business coach; unless you are passionate about business. I am not a marketing coach; unless you are passionate about marketing. And I am not a health coach, unless you are passionate about your health. I am a Success Coach. I will coach you to be more successful with what you are most passionate about.