Everything I do or go through I ask myself, “How Can I Make This Better Next Time?”

If it is something really terrible, I brainstorm ideas to avoid it or better deflect the bad stuff. If it is something good, I seek ways make it better.

My clients tell me all the things they are doing wrong and all the reasons (aka excuses) they are failing to meet their goals. I ask ,” What are you doing or have you done that works(ed)?” We focus on making that better. It’s easier to update and upgrade than reinvent the wheel, right?

Let’s try this right now. What is one area of your life or business that you would like to make a little better? Try to choose something you do regularly and maybe have slid into a habit or rhythm that may not be serving you as well as you would like.

For example, if you sell amazing products and you are great at it. After each customer purchase you send a thank you then wonder when the next appropriate time is that you can contact the customer.

Your concerns may be:

  • don’t want to appear “salesy”
  • want to be sure your client is happy after the purchase
  • want to share offers and specials
  • want to “not be forgotten” aka top of mind in your industry

My suggestion is to examine what your customer desires from you.
Does she want to be kept up to date on sales and specials? Does she want to get the courtesy check in from seller? Does she feel “sold to” or does she feel “served”?

Are you first person she thinks of when it comes to this type of product? What would make her only think of you when it comes to your type of products?

Do you know these answers? Are you sure? Did you ask your customers?

This is the key to being of service to your client. You want to serve her, right? You want to fulfill a need, right? Have you ever had someone guess your needs and be off track. The “it’s the thought that counts” only counts with friends and when no money exchanges. If you want to have value and be profitable you must be the most valuable resource to your customer in the product or service you offer.

I would love to hear about great service you received that made you a loyal customer. ALso, please share what you do that makes you the very best choice in your field or industry! I love hearing stories of amazing service.

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Beginning In January 2015 began sending out new business tips or trainings to help you reach your goals and live the life you dream of. I really hope my emails become something you look forward to each month. My favorite emails are filtered to my favorites folder and “starred” so they don’t get lost in my full inbox.

I am really looking forward to my new offerings coming out over the next few months. I plan to limit the number of clients I will coach 1-on-1 to give even more personal attention. I also added an Online Mastermind Group which is limited to only ambitious and motivated people. And of course, my 3D Life Success Academy is NOW OPEN. I am really excited that there are several ways to work with me if you feel you need more support.

In my 1-on-1 coaching, I guide my clients through very thorough discovery sessions to make them the very perfect service choice for their client. These services I provide are application only. I only work with self-starters who are driven to be inspirational and top in their field. My programs are fast and require you to really tap into your passions, your drive, and push you into those scary places you KNOW you will excel in but you just need some accountability and a trusted advisor that you can throw your innovative ideas off of.

I get so pumped up thinking about my clients and their dreams. I can’t wait for our coaching sessions and I absolutely love seeing their giant leaps of success and small baby steps of growth that build the bridges to their next level!

If the idea of working with me excites you and gets your entrepreneurial juices flowing, then you need to set up an appointment with me. I mentioned before how picky I am about who I coach, but I want you to be just as picky! It is vital that you choose your coach wisely. Your coach is your team mate and not just a product or service that ends after product delivery. Just hit reply and tell me all about your business dreams.