Do you ever take time and day dream about your perfect and ideal life? I mean really think out the details of what you do, what you see, what you won’t do, how you do it? I think everyone daydreams or thinks about that happy place you will one day live or visit. But if we don’t really think about it as a reality instead of a dream….won’t it always be a dream?

Dreams that stay dreams are good for you. But so are the dreams that you want to come true. For example, I dream of floating in space like an astronaut looking down at the beautiful earth. I am very aware that this is a dream that will not come true. Could it come true? Uhh, maybe but very, very unlikely. And I am perfectly happy with the dream because I am not interested in the journey to make that dream reality.

My happy place is in a hammock on a beach. The water is beautiful and clear, the beach is clean and empty, the temperature is warm and sunny with a perfect breeze. THIS is the dream I can make happen. I have several versions of the dream, but the main parts are the same. I am relaxed, there are no crowds, the temperature and scene are perfect. I can make this happen. And I can make it happen in many forms.

I could go on and on about my happy place, but let’s get back to your dream and your life. If you are working your butt off to create a happy home, or a thriving business, or a fat retirement account then you better have a detailed vision of what that is to you. If you don’t, there is no way you will know when you are there. What are you measuring your goal/dream with? How do you define a thriving business? How much money is in a fat retirement account? What happens in a happy home?

If you want your dreams to come true you can’t just wait for it to happen. You have to live daily in a way that creates that. When I had my first job at age 16, I could not wait to move out and have my own place. I remember buying bath towels and dish sets and other household items while I was still living at home and making just a little money. I was living daily for the dream of my own place.

What are you doing regularly to make you dreams come true? Are you putting loose change in a jar? What is that money designated for? If you don’t know, then you won’t spend it on what you plan to spend it on. Are you window shopping for cruise wear because you dream of a vacation cruise? Are you taking scenic drives through golf communities while dreaming of retirement? Start creating the dream instead of just dreaming it.

I would love to hear how you practice what you dream. Please leave a comment below or in my Facebook Group.