Every year as the weather gets colder I get the urge to start planning and strategizing for the upcoming New Year. And with that comes the craving for a new planner. I’ve tried dozens of planners and spent hours each year researching and shopping for the Perfect Planner. This year is no different. But this year, I bought two.

I’ve used Bullet Journals in the past as planners plus a journal, but I didn’t stick with it. Sometimes the planner part got forgotten and I used my Google calendar on my iPhone.

The last couple of years I’ve purchased business goal-focused planners. I’ve tried the Conquer Your Year Planner, the Law of Attraction Planner and the My Shining Year Planner. All were very good. But I like change and I wanted something different this year. 

I ordered The Simple Elephant Planner and the Bullet Journal by Scribbles That Matter from Amazon to compare with a plan to choose one and gift the other. But I decided to use both. Here is why and how.

I plan to use the Simple Elephant Planner for my business planner. My goals, strategies, revenue tracking, expense tracking, funnels, ideas…. all things business will go in that planner. 

I plan to use the Bullet Journal for keeping my life together. I will plan my days and weeks in this planner but with more detail on my self and my family. I will track my diet and exercise, my ideas and daily journaling, my gratitude and blessings, and my creative fun stuff. 

My hope is that keeping my planning for my personal life and my business life separate will help me to enjoy both separately and lesson the overlap. I want 2019 to be full of fun and happiness in my home. I want my business year to be profitable and organized so I have more time to spend with my family and better planned time to spend taking care of my clients.

I also want to add color and creativity to everything around me. So I bought some pretty pens and some stencils to fill my journals with fun and beauty. I hope to spend less time watching Netflix and scrolling social media and more time adding color and art to my journals. 


Share your planner with me on my Facebook Page or on my Instagram! I love to see how others keep organized! Plus, I LOVE office supplies and organization!!