The Flying Trapeze

Flying on a trapeze gave me the Presence and Confidence to overcome obstacles in my business growth. Watch the video of me flying on the trapeze.I spent over a year excitedly waiting to attempt the flying trapeze.This may seem like a strange thing to spend an entire...

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This is Passion!

You know the feeling you have when you are really excited about something? When your mind is buzzing and even if you wanted to think about something else...... you can’t? It could be a new gadget that is available soon, or a vacation you’ve been planning for years, or...

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I’m Allowed to be Successful!

Today is the first of November 2014. This is a big and important day for me. It is the first day I work 100% for myself and no longer teach classes at the community center. Plus, today I get to mark one more thing off my bucket list. And today I allow myself to be...

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