Your Blooper Reel

For so much of my life I was afraid to make mistakes. Afraid to look dumb. Afraid to not know the right answer. But since becoming an entrepreneur I realized that I just have to put myself out there. And when I make mistakes, I make sure I learn from them. It's a...

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Dream Life

Do you ever take time and day dream about your perfect and ideal life? I mean really think out the details of what you do, what you see, what you won’t do, how you do it? I think everyone daydreams or thinks about that happy place you will one day live or visit. But...

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Presentations with Pizzazz

You are sitting with a group of people waiting to hear a presenter share information about her business. You adjust your seat to get comfortable, you make sure your phone is silenced and you prepare to take some notes and get focused on the presentation. .........Then...

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